Skyve Foundry Customer Success

Ensure your transition to an agile start-up culture with the Skyve Foundry Customer Success package.

Customer Success is a comprehensive support package to ensure the adoption and success of the Skyve Foundry innovation capability within your enterprise.

Skyve Foundry offers a new approach to collaboration, with non-developers and subject matter experts able to participate and collaborate directly with development teams - prototyping simple new capabilities and modifying non-code aspects of team projects, all within a controlled and secure collaboration framework.

But technology is not enough.

Our Customer Success package includes:

Expert consulting from the outset

Take advantage of our expertise to smooth the introduction of new technology.

Our experts will help you configure your private Foundry cluster the way you want - ready for for one-click provisioning and deployment. We’ll help you customise Foundry to use your integrated security standards and protocols, so you don’t have to compromise third party systems and operating environments. And we’ll advise and assist with the configuration of your preferred platform - either in-house assets or in the Cloud.

Tailored on-site training for all levels of your enterprise

We’ll devise a tailored on-boarding program for your team - whatever their level and type of knowledge - with on-site training tailored for:

  • Managers - to understand the scope and potential of the Skyve and Skyve Foundry technology, how team collaboration works and how you can best take advantage of a genuinely agile start-up culture

  • Analysts and non-coders - with tailored training in no-code techniques, collaboration tools, prototyping concepts, data analysis and understanding when collaboration is required

  • Developers and administrators - tailored training for limitless Skyve open-source development, deep integration, dev-ops, security and continuous integration

  • Testers - helping you take full advantage of Skyve’s revolutionary automated unit and user-interface testing capabilities

Wildcat automated conversion and integration service for nominated legacy systems

We’ll perform our revolutionary Wildcat conversion and integration service for nominated legacy systems - freeing you from the exorbitant licence fees, running costs and technology limitations of key legacy systems - either as a turn-key service or collaborating with your internal team.

Wildcat conversion jump-starts your transformation, bringing failing and under-performing systems directly into the consolidated Skyve Foundry collaboration framework and getting you to a consistent technology approach right from the start.

Access to Skyve Ecosystem components

Our approach to ensuring your success includes giving you access to the full suite of technology we’ve developed, including the Skyve ecosystem components not included in the open-source offering.

The Skyve Ecosystem includes a range powerful customisable add-ins for sophisticated next-level capability - that you can add to any or all of your Skyve projects.

  • Skyve CRM - plug-in Customer Relationship Management features like interaction tracking, reminders, dashboards, notifications, case management and more.

  • Skyve Bus - plug-in integration for a range of leading 3rd-party services like Google directions and address validation, Slack, Deputy, HubSpot, JIRA, Shopify and more.

  • Skyve Portal - plug-in features for public facing engagement, application forms and self-managed client kiosks

  • Skyve Cortex - next level reporting, Word merge, import and export and data analysis

  • Skyve Confidence - including revolutionary abilities to automatically generate a suite of unit and automated UI tests as part of your continuous integration pipeline

  • Skyve App - the ability to generate native mobile applications directly from your Skyve projects - putting genuine mobile app development within reach

  • Skyve Replica - the ability to manage major distributed systems with sophisticated data and content replication

An ongoing refresher program

We’ll provide a plan for regular ongoing on-site refresher training so no-one falls behind - and to on-board new staff as you grow - augmented by access to our exclusive online support and training materials at your fingertips around the clock.

Regular refreshers keep your team engaged, motivated and up-to-date with features, tips and tricks, agile methodology and no-code and low-code techniques - giving your team the opportunity for detailed questions, discussions and concrete use-case exercises.

At-call priority online, phone and in-person support

Sometimes you just need a quick answer or a chat, and sometimes you need someone on the ground.

Our Customer Success package is tailored to your needs, granting you access to advice, design and implementation consulting as well as answers to simple questions and helping you think through the bigger picture. And sometimes it’s just easier in-person.

Our package includes options for the provision for on-site and in-person support - so you can get the help you need when you need it.

Assisted Skyve version updates

The Skyve platform is continually evolving - adopting best-practice approaches, frameworks and the latest technology.

With our help, we can keep your enterprise at the leading edge, or comfortably within sight. As part of the package, we’ll assist your team with regular upgrades, notifications and updates about what’s new and what’s coming.

Priority platform feature enhancement requests

We’re listening…

As a priority customer, you’ll receive priority attention when requesting platform feature enhancements. We can work with you to show you how to tailor our open-source offering for your specific context or prioritise your requests for new features.

Advice and help with cultural change and business transformation challenges

Innovation is about so much more than technology.

With experience in business process redesign and issues around organisational change, we’ll help guide you through the non-technical challenges around adopting an innovation-centred culture through our advice and ongoing refresher and update program.

Pricing and Terms

Contact us to discuss you specific needs and priorities, and we’ll tailor a package and plan to suit.