Skyve Cortex

licenced in development

The Skyve Cortex ecosystem module provides extended reporting and analytics capabilities.

Report design

Reporting is always a key function of any enterprise system, however knowing which reports you will need six months after the development team leaves is not always possible. Skyve Cortex allows reports for the application to be customised with consistent headers and footers to suit your corporate brand. As your application grows, any new or ad-hoc reports will appear consistent and professional.

Word binding bookmarks

Skyve Cortex can manage and test configurations for Microsoft Word documents which contain bookmarks. Imagine the scenario where your email correspondence is specified in Word documents, Skyve Cortex can perform a merge operation with selected data and populate the bookmarks.

This gives the business the power to maintain a lot more of the system without developer support, so changes in text from regulatory changes, or updating logos and addresses can be performed trivially.

Visual Excel import

Skyve Enterprise contains supporting libraries to assist developers in importing files from CSV or Excel. Skyve Cortex extends this capability by providing a visual import configuration so users from the business can import their own data without the need of developers. This allows new data to be bulk imported quickly, or this can be used to bulk tag records for a specific action to be executed against them.

Future Capabilities

Skyve Cortex is being incubated currently, and future features on the roadmap include BI, Machine Learning, Analytics, Anomaly detection, Prediction, Usage analysis and Dashboards.



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