Skyve CRM


Skyve CRM empowers you to make the most of your relationships – clients, users, partners or suppliers.

Integrate directly – co-locate with your existing onsite applications or via the cloud.


Understanding your client is key to your success, and leveraging the richness of client data supports your ability to maintain a leading edge.

Amplify client details with the ability to track and manage client status, categories, agreements, terms, tasks combined with a consolidated library of indexed and searchable attachments and documents. Map client locations spatially and quickly select groupings of clients based on their proximity or spatial distribution.

Client Dashboards inform your understanding of client progress and direction, with consolidated boards to identify trends, tempo and identify the effectiveness of your processes.

Skyve’s at-a-glance Interaction History provides you a consolidated background of all interactions between you and your client, including from 3rd party modules and even custom modules you’ve created in-house, enabling you to finely target communications, marketing efforts and give your clients the reassurance that you know their specific situation.

Reminders and Automated Notifications ensure you can respond and anticipate your client needs, avoid missing key deadlines and maintain a high level of direct engagement.

Case Management features provide precise control over individual interaction details and related information so you can enrich each interaction with detailed knowledge of your client’s specific situation and context.

Flows automate individual interactions and support your custom business processes. Managed by Skyve-bot – flows allow you to orchestrate and coordinate the other features of CRM and incorporate aspects of your 3rd party and custom Skyve modules for an incredible level of power and control.

Plug-in Architecture

Skyve’s plug in architecture means CRM integrates at a deep level with 3rd party or in-house custom Skyve modules without the need for additional development effort.


Lead the market by extending Skyve CRM to ensure your competitive advantage. Configure what you need and use Skyve’s low-code platform to customise your core systems.



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