Leadership Team

Robert Brown

Robert Brown

Robert Brown – Chief Executive Officer and Founder

MBA, Dip Ed, BSc (Comp Sci) Robert began his career in factory and mining automation but was soon leading development teams in research and development for defence projects. Now with extensive experience in regulatory environments, he has created a range of new technologies and approaches including as co-founder of the Skyve methodology.

Robert has lead complex data migration and transitions for State and Federal government organisations and provides consulting and advice for the adoption of new technology.

Michael Sands

Michael Sands

Michael Sands – Chief Architect and Founder

B App Sc (Comp Sci & Information)

Mike is a highly respected and sought-after technical architect. He is the lead developer at Skyve and has contributed a range of strategic and geospatial solutions. Mike has developed a range of new technology for defence organisations, including DSTO, in situational awareness and command and control.

Mike has an enormous range of experience leading sophisticated and complex developments, including a tax payment portal, targeting and location systems, mobile device integration and ship configuration and lifecycle management, to name a few.

Mike’s focus is metadata driven interpretive and code generating frameworks, the open source ecosystem and rich web and mobile applications.

Ben Petito

Ben Petito

Ben Petito – Head Developer

Ben has significant experience developing Java and web applications across a variety of state and federal government departments, defence organisations and the finance industry. Ben provides high-level consulting for clients and is deeply involved in development and shaping the Skyve platform.

Ben is passionate about test driven development and intuitive user experience.

Cameron Ward

Cameron Ward

Cameron Ward – Senior Developer

After a number of years working in the IT industry, Cameron has gained experience in a variety of industries within both Software Development and Software Testing.

His focus in the Skyve team is in developing the rendering pipeline, dev ops, automated deployment and helping Skyve make configuration simple for developers.

Company Profile

Skyve is a technology company committed to Research and Development - creating a range of technologies to solve problems in extraordinary ways.

We build high-quality enterprise solutions – with mobile and spatial concepts as core capabilities – and we sponsor the Skyve enterprise platform open-source development.

What we do

We build custom solutions using the Skyve low-code enterprise platform.

With an integrated capability set covering a wide range of market-leading open-source technology, we build the platform that lets you do more with less - so you can build and run low-code apps on common devices and platforms, free from vendor & technology lock-in, with all the power of high-quality enterprise scale solutions!

How we do it

We use the latest market leading open-source packages to ensure you have access to powerful capability from the first iteration.

We apply a genuinely agile development methodology to give you the flexibility to develop and grow your solution while you use it.

Take advantage of a quality from the floor up:

  • Fully insured

  • Open standards

  • Platform independence

  • Any ODBC compliant database

  • Human readable formats

  • Best practice security and information management, and

  • Australian owned and locally supported



Founders Robert Brown and Mike Sands met while working on various R&D projects in the Defence sector, including prototyping NATO interoperability, the first man-portable (mobile) battlespace management system for the Australian Army, combat force sustainment modelling, targeting systems and the like. Faced with enormous capability requirements and limited budgets, they began to consider alternative approaches to software development and soon after, the Skyve methodology was created.

Skyve started life as Biz Hub Australia in 2006, but has since been outgrown by the Skyve open-source platform. Over the years we have successfully applied our approach to a range of organisations.

Skyve is the result of years of industry experience; the answer to a critical problem in software development standards. Traditional methods of development are no longer good enough. The answer is a declarative approach, independent of technology, and with radically small amounts of code.

The result; an open-sourced, mature, high-performance enterprise platform, and the basis for a range of new technology concepts and applications. Our platform yields high-quality, secure, scalable and maintainable applications.

Skyve is the answer to your business software challenges.