• Developers can build high-quality robust and scalable applications incorporating all of the above capabilities (and more) but without requiring detailed knowledge of every technology.
  • Low-code means rapid development, less to manage, easier change scope identification and lower technical risk.
  • The underlying technology is being continually updated, so your application can take advantage of the latest technology without code re-writes.


  • Developers and Software providers who build and provide SaaS and Cloud-based products
  • Entrepreneurs and prototypers who need rapid access to sophisticated capabilities
  • Organisations who want to take advantage of the best of open-source to supercharge their digital transformation
  • Anyone who has struggled to take advantage of open-source technology for secure and public facing enterprise solutions.

Finally, an open-source platform that gives you access to all of the key capabilities need to build sophisticated, robust and scalable cloud solutions.

Skyve is platform/operating-system independent, works with all common database types, and is accessible through all common browsers and devices.


By incorporating and integrating a range of other open-source tech to handle persistence, rich UI, security, navigation, reporting, jobs, content, spatial, mobile integration - Skyve provides a platform with all the technology specific areas required to support the Skyve standard for enterprise-scale applications.


Skyve provides sophisticated validation and a high-level API so that you can build powerful enterprise SaaS solutions today.


At any time, branch out into ‘traditional’ development without restriction, but with all the benefits of the API and integrated platform.


Skyve supports spatial concepts natively with MySQL, SQL Server and H2 - Oracle and Postgres coming soon. Otherwise, pretty much anything supported by Hibernate should work (but we haven’t tested them all!). For more information on compliance, check the FAQ.


We offer a range of support agreements if required, drop us a line. Or use it for free, no obligation.


Skyve road map…

With a host of new features and new ways to build and deploy apps, Skyve is taking no-code and low-code to the next level.

  • Point-and-click online app build and deployment

  • Collaboration with Skyve developers (or your own ICT team)

  • React and React native application generator

Questions or comments? – contact us.
Stay tuned, there’s lots more to come. A preview of our upcoming road map is available here.