Skyve Portal


Skyve Portal provides a Skyve application with a public facing interface configured for anonymous visitors (not logged in), or for registered members of the public. This allows a back-office application to be easily shared with the public internet to expose your services or products to thousands of customers.


Skyve Portal is running in production systems with tens of thousands of publicly registered users. In addition, it has also been tested by automated testing tools and dedicated penetration testing organisations.


Skyve Portal includes a new user registration form, allowing public users to register for your system out of the box. Also included as part of public user registration is email confirmation, and password reset.

Apache & static

Skyve Portal is designed to be hosted behind a front facing Apache web server or (nginx). This allows for caching of static content, load distribution amongst multiple web servers to handle traffic spikes, and maintenance pages so that your application is always available.

Location + Camera + Signatures

Skyve Portal includes HTML5 browser features allowing users to submit their current location when completing a form or using their device’s camera to take and upload a photo. Skyve Portal also includes a component to capture a user’s signature digitally, further expanding the capabilities of public facing forms.

Future Capabilities

Future features on the Skyve Portal roadmap include a drag and drop form builder. This is designed to allow businesses to rapidly replace current unrelated web forms and hosted PDF forms and allow this information to be integrated and collocated with the rest of the corporate system.



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