Skyve Bus


Skyve Bus is a suite of pre-built plug-ins for 3rd party apps and services.

Skyve Bus lets you supplement Skyve REST services (get any data in and out of your Skyve application) with endpoints for a range of common packages.

Web services

Models defined in the metadata as part of the application domain are exposed via web services and can be accessed by 3rd party servers or native mobile clients using standard REST calls.

  • Predefined integration points

    • Google Maps

      • geocoding, reverse geocoding, distance and direction requests

    • Addresses

    • ABR (ABN lookup)

    • Stripe online payment gateway

    • Deputy

    • HubSpot CRM

    • JIRA

    • Shopify

    • Slack

    • Xero

Address Validation

Skyve Bus provides two address validation options - Google Places for address autocomplete and validation, and Skyve can host an Australian national address validation service if more accurate and up to date Australian address information is required.



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