Skyve 20190630 released

Skyve 20190630 is now available in Nexus. This release adds introductory support for PostgreSQL and PostGIS. This has been tested with PostgreSQL version 11, but should support versions as far back as Hibernate has a dialect for (8.1 - 9.5). The skyve-maven plugin has also been upgraded to 1.14 which make assembly much easier as it now updates almost every file automatically.

Admin Module

  • Fixed Simple Import/Export Import action which was broken accidentally at some point

  • Fix role list membership in group view

  • Introduce admin.UserProxy and use it throughout admin module. This is a lightweight User object which can be used where the roles and groups are not required which causes a lot less data to be retrieved and less data to be audited

  • Add UserExtension.toMetaDataUser() convenience method to retrieve a MetaDataUser from an admin User

  • Allow User creation to finish for on-the-fly creation (zoomed in)

  • Add assigned roles grid to admin.User views


  • Added convenience constructor for ValidationException

  • Actions and DefaultWidget now implement DecoratedMetaData

  • Generate a lookupDescription, not a data grid for inverseOne attributes in the View Generator

  • Validate that a data grid/repeater is always bound to a collection or an inverseMany

  • Externalise gmap and leaflet scripts and provide map stanza for configuration in json

  • Introduce the SKYVE javascript namespace

  • Generate a random point conforming to the bounds of a lat/lng for a geometry type in data builder (for automated tests)

  • Include org.postgresql module as a dependency to add support to Hibernate for PostgreSQL

  • Add PostgreSQL spatial dialect support

  • Ignore rest service so that Skyve filters secure it


  • Guard NPE on text validator types that have no regex component on first SmartClient page hit


  • Fix flash on tab select for AJAX requests

  • Increase robustness of bindings to Faces clientId search

  • Rename FacesAction.processErrors() to FacesAction.processFacesMessages() and make it public

Notes for Upgrading

To upgrade your Skyve project to this version, change the Skyve version in your pom.xml to 20190630 and change your skyve-maven-plugin version to 1.14.

There was a new map settings parameter added to the json which is required for startup. Please add the following to your project json when upgrading:

// Map Settings
map: {
    // gmap or leaflet
    type: "gmap"

See the complete upgrade instructions on GitHub.

Ben PetitoComment