Skyve 20190530 released

Skyve 20190530 is now available in Nexus. This release adds a new theme, Editorial, to our default user interface and upgrades PrimeFaces within Skyve to version 7.0.

Admin module

  • Fix QuickImport

  • Change group view to use listMembership for Role selection

  • Allow on-the-fly creation of Group during creation of User

  • Change Restore notifications broadcast to all users

  • Add on screen advice for DocumentCreator

  • Startup Configuration settings manager added to ControlPanel


  • Clean up whosin module

  • Encourage garbage collection when serving thumbnails

  • Add reduced memory usage during thumbnail generation and thumbnail file storage

  • ListMembership widget now implements AbsoluteWidth interface

  • Block password reset if no recaptcha key supplied

  • Support multiple password reset for users with the same email address

  • Improve logging for POI data loader

  • Added SingletonBizlet and SingletonCachedBizlet

  • Ensure that the stash is available when serving list grids as soon as possible as it may get used to resolve the current bean

  • Ensure that getMessage() for ValidationExceptions does not always return null

  • Change PositionableAction.inActionPanel property accessor from in... to get... since its Boolean

  • Add Bean.changed property to the implicit list of properties that do not require validation in the view

  • Ensure the eviction options can be used in RefreshDocumentTuplesJob

  • Guard against "from <entityName>" HQLs

  • Introduce Proxy/ProxyDelegate mechanism to Skyve

  • Move modules/*.java to modules/admin/*.java

  • Make the default environment identifier out of the box be "local" so that a new H2 database will create the "admin" bootstrap user without configuration

  • Add Binder.toJavaPropertyName()


  • Upgrade to PrimeFaces 7.0 Extensions 7.0 and AdminFaces 1.0.0.

  • Add nova-light/editorial theme

  • Ensure confirmation text is not escaped in the renderer


  • Don't show tooltips in data/list repeater rows


  • Added cycle detection to the DataBuilder. This fixes potential stack overflows for domains with cyclical references

  • Cater for ChildBeans in DataBuilder