Skyve 20190404 released

Skyve 20190404 is now available in Nexus. This release introduces the ability for Skyve applications to generate their own SAIL testing configuration at runtime to make user interface testing even easier. It also adds the ability to disable all form controls at the form level in PrimeFaces, as well as several other minor improvements.


  • Fix Spring Security SQL for RDBMS SQL Server dialect

  • Add WebUtil.getRefererHeader() for safe use of "referer" header on the server

  • Tweak form controller security settings to test for create privilege when creating a new instance of a persistent document for a persistent relation but never on zoom in or out

  • Add RuntimeCompiler utility class

  • Make DUUS UxUi declarations public

  • Make download an XHR, then a download request with an attachment content-disposition

  • Fix previous values mechanism in SmartClient and PrimeFaces

  • Add extra logging and error cleanup to BackupJob


  • Implement form disabled so all controls in a form can be disabled based on a condition

  • Implement Download action link references


  • Fix SAIL.Interaction.after execution to actually execute the after steps and not re-execute the interaction steps

  • Add SAIL support for radio widget in PrimeFaces

  • Fix SAIL data grid gestures

  • Add login and logout op-codes to the SAIL language

  • Create SAIL Client download

  • Add SAIL download to control panel

A preview of SAIL automated UI testing in action

A preview of SAIL automated UI testing in action

Our aim is for anyone to be able to generate their own automated user interface tests and run it against their Skyve application. The process is not quite user-friendly enough for general availability, but if you would like to try it out, contact us and we can provide some instructions.


To upgrade your Skyve project to this version, change the Skyve version in your pom.xml to 20190404 and change your skyve-maven-plugin version to 1.13.

There was a change to the router/ which the assemble target will not run, so this will need to be manually copied over from the file in skyve-ee.

See the complete upgrade instructions on GitHub.