Skyve 20190124 released

The 20190124 release of the Skyve framework is now available in Nexus. This release adds Skyve some more compatibility improvements for Wildfly 14 and 15 and introduces some reference list and tree models.


  • Include a 10ULNP password complexity option, and change generate passwords to use that level (irrespective of selection)

  • Add test method to return a random bean given a document query

  • Introduce MetaDataQuery.aggregate attribute to enable group by expressions to be handled in list grids

  • Add aggregate query examples to System Dashboard

  • Updated SystemDashboard view to remove unnecessary settings

  • Add ReferenceListModel and RelationTreeModel


  • Remove the contentType attribute from <f:view /> in all xhtmls as it causes problems in partial AJAX updates (like remove a data grid row) in Wildfly 14 and up.

  • Update User create desktop and PF views, fix newline break in validation message

  • Fix padding on thumbnail content columns

  • Add back in combos for dynamic domains in PF views


To upgrade your Skyve project to this version, change the Skyve version in your pom.xml to 20190124 and change your skyve-maven-plugin version to 1.13.

If you are upgrading from a version < 20190114, you will need to also delete your local admin module before running mvn skyve:assemble (make sure you have committed your project to source control first). After upgrade, you should have a src/main/webapp/admin directory, if you don’t you will need to copy that directory from skyve-ee/ as well.

See the complete upgrade instructions on GitHub.

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