Skyve 20190114 released

The 20190114 release of the Skyve framework is now available in Nexus. This release adds Skyve compatibility with Wildfly 14 and 15 and includes a lot of cleanup to the admin module and making sure things render correctly in the PrimeFaces renderer. The QuickImport feature of DataMaintenance also received a lot of updates to help new users quickly load existing data into a Skyve application.


  • Enable SAIL to handle upload actions

  • Updated BindUtil.toJavaInstanceIdentifier to use Introspector.decapitalize

  • Password reset message - allow textArea for external route and html for desktop

  • Fix Communication view for PF

  • Provide "email not configured" banner to UserList invitations, Configuration and Communication

  • Make BulkUserCreation Job with email optional

  • Update FileUtil.safeFileName() to handle names more safely

  • Fix batching of Communication, rendering for PF and add options for bulk jobs

  • Fix responsive rendering for Tag management

  • Detect invalid SMTP Host to trigger banner indications for Configuration, UserList and Communication.

  • Adjust Bulk user create Job for separate transaction

  • Make action descriptions clearer for 2-stage simple Import

  • Introduce ViewRenderer and depend on it for SC, PF and React view generation

  • Allow access to communication menu items in PF, handle empty description

  • Default communication sender to UtilImpl.SMTP_SENDER

  • Add User property to JobDescription for running jobs

  • Enforce user must provide password to enable Truncate and offer bootstrap option

  • Add ContactFactory to use resource files for realistic data

  • Expose bootstrap user method

  • Fix layout stylesheet expression for ultima and ecuador themes

  • Hide buttons for legacy Content migration

  • Refactor Tag functions to calculate totals more efficiently and use EXT methods

  • Refactor tag view to use preRerender rather than declared actions

  • Introduce Bizlet.resolve() - returns a bean for a bizId. See the developer guide for documentation

  • Resize unknown contact image to fit standard thumbnail size

  • Fix establishment of WKT string in Google map display in BizMapPicker in geometry items

  • Simplify Quick ImportExport UI and expose selected DataMaintenance features for PrimeFaces

  • Fix optimistic lock in QuickImport when uploading common references

  • Add geometry to WKT conversion for BindUtil.getDisplay()

  • Minor improvements to QuickImport, add advanced options, formatting on downloads

  • Add support for associations using implicit bizKey binding for POISheetLoader

  • Add specific validation for null bizKey for POISheetLoader

  • Fix AbstractDataFileLoader problem requiring debugMode to be true for results to be matched


  • Guard against empty history in OK, Delete and Cancel actions

  • Handle form items with no label in PrimeFacesMobile renderer

  • Move <s:conversation/> into <ui:composition /> so that it is rendered for Wildfly 14 and greater

  • Set action column width of data grids to 60 pixels


  • Fix layout of font icon in title bar

  • Ensure ListGrid with content image columns have a fixed height setting equivalent to the tallest content image column in the list

  • Fix compound binding content image and content link columns

Notes for Upgrading

To upgrade your Skyve project to this version, change the Skyve version in your pom.xml to 20190114 and change your skyve-maven-plugin version to 1.13.

This release deleted some actions that were no longer required from the admin module, so delete your local admin module before running mvn skyve:assemble (make sure you have committed your project to source control first). After upgrade, you should have a src/main/webapp/admin directory, if you don’t you will need to copy that directory from skyve-ee/ as well.

See the complete upgrade instructions on GitHub.

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