Skyve 20190201 released

The 20190201 release of the Skyve framework is now available in Nexus. This release addressed some minor issues and added the supportEmailAddress property to be able to insert contact information for the system administrator.


  • Updated generate domain to handle deleted modules

  • Updated LocalDesignRepository to check for the presence of a module.xml when checking for vanilla module names

  • Set association bizKey generated query columns to not be hidden

  • Update to whosin and whosinIntegrate demonstration modules for updated platform features

  • Improve Collection change tracking in the domain model

  • Add supportEmailAddress property setting for .json

  • Update bizKey definitions and field requiredness for admin module documents

  • Update OverridableDomainGenerator attribute name validation to not recommend replacing underscores with dashes


  • Fixed PrimeFaces filter switcher to work inside and outside faces naming containers

  • Improved Job Scheduling view for PrimeFaces and phone

  • Deprecate unused columns in ImportExport and adjust Backup/Restore view

Known Issues

  • Schema sync (DDL) does not occur if the JSON environment identifier is set to null until after login

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