Skyve 20181206 released

The 20181206 release of the Skyve framework is now available in Nexus. This release includes a new default open-source theme for PrimeFaces as well as some general framework changes to add support for the upcoming React renderer.


  • Added support for null defaults for configuration variables that are derived from environment variables.

  • Updated DataBuilder and TestUtil to search for the correct Factory classname when looking for @DataMap annotations.

  • Update admin Communication actions to only save when a job is being run, and to return the saved bean to the user

  • Introduce MenuRenderer

  • Fix post upload fetch of content images with compound bindings

  • Added reserved word checking when generating domain. Checks attribute names for Java reserved words and database dialect specific reserved words.

  • Add RenderedComponent and first cut of shared rendering pipeline.

  • Change MYSQL database dialect enum to MYSQL_5 to provide future support for MySQL version 8

  • Cease using <strong> global style in skyve.


  • Brought in AdminLTE theme as a replacement for PrimeFaces Omega

  • Add admin template for default faces rendering

  • Use home grown ajax status with "busy" ID for SAIL tests in AdminFaces template


  • First cut of React user-interface generation


  • Quote JSON property names returned by SmartClient servlets

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