New default theme

The default tablet theme for Skyve applications was based on PrimeFaces Omega, which we’ve been told (and agree) is not the prettiest thing to look at! As this theme was not responsive (automatically resize based on screen size), jQuery mobile is the default user interface for viewing Skyve applications on a mobile device.

With the release of Skyve 20181206, we’ve added a new open-source responsive theme, which is now available for all new projects created with the Project Creator and from Skyve Foundry.

Onto some screenshots!

List view with previous theme

List view with new theme

Detail view with previous theme

Detail view with new theme

We’re still working on tweaking some of the included Admin module screens to work correctly for mobile, so these are not using the new theme yet. However this is available and ready for developers to use for mobile on their own projects if they wish.

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