Skyve 20181031 released

The 20181031 release of the Skyve framework is now available in Nexus. This release includes some fixes for PrimeFaces rendering in normal mode and minor framework cleanup and improvements.


  • Cater for upper or mixed case file suffixes when serving file type icons in CustomerResourceServlet

  • Cater for opacity transition of SelectOne when running SAIL tests

  • Update DataMaintenance Import/Export tab to tidy up the user interface and add some more context

  • POIGenerator: Implemented simplified expression handling, boolean and decimal

  • POIGenerator implement time and timestamp

  • Improve on-screen information for Quick Import

  • Ensure unprojected meta data query expression columns can have a sort order applied


  • Reassign the collection element and reorder the collection of PF zoom out

  • Refactor message() up to AbstractFacesBuilder

  • Add faces update client IDs for message components within data grid columns.

  • Account for the flex grid in the action column headers of PF generated data/list grids

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