Skyve 20181009 released

Skyve 20181009 is now available. It has been a while since the last published release so this includes quite a few enhancements and fixes across the entire framework.

New Features

  • Added a "Switch Mode" button in the topbar to switch between power user and normal user interfaces

  • Added User invitation function to admin module

  • Enable sorting and filtering in PF 6.2

  • Added drag and drop ordering to PrimeFaces data grids bound to an ordered collection

  • Added RestUserPersistenceFilter for injecting a persistence user during unauthenticated REST requests

  • Add maven javadoc goal


  • Fix unsanitise problem in WebUtil

  • Fixed Communication->template as aggregation not composition

  • Update AbstractSkyveJob to output to the log if there is no message, e.g. NPE

  • Update SkyveDocumentNodeRenderer to use SkyveScriptInterpreter's toTitleCase method

  • Replace conversation storage with a serialized byte array in the EHCache conversation cache instance instead of the StateUtil zipped and base64'd as it takes too long on big conversations and the size is only 3 times as big; avg of 10MB - 30MB for 1000 conversations in memory.

  • Allow implicit expression substitution in Document Query expression columns

  • Added some more exceptions to PluralUtil

  • Fix redirect in home.jsp if user principal is null

  • Do not escape HTML in, and by default

  • Default content thumbnails to 64 pixels square

  • Update SkyveScriptInterpreter to generate default roles with customer scope instead of data group

  • Ensure BindUtil.toJavaInstanceIdentifier() replaces leading digits with its corresponding word

  • Updated email validator regular expression to match all allowable email addresses

  • Update MailUtil to set the X-Unsent header for Outlook 2016

  • Display of bindings to associations in queries, reports and views should use the bizKey of the associated bean for persistent documents

  • Include role description metadata in domain display value

  • Review of roles, reorder admin module into alpha order

  • Cater for child collections in Binder.copy()

  • Updated common pages with semantic-ui styling

  • Add transient XML Attribute to Document Attributes.

  • Enable the construction of a check box data grid widget based on the default widget definition for the bound field or the edit widget definition in the data grid

  • Added admin.Configuration userSelfRegistrationGroup and switch


  • Fix blur issues when using document creator in Faces

  • Implemented filter toggling in data grids and list grids

  • Implement MetaDataQueryContentColumn in Faces.

  • Fire Bizlet.preExecute() callback in Faces RemoveAction

  • Move to PF 6.2 and clean up deprecated stuff

  • Fix the border in Ecuador theme around vbox and hbox etc without border titles so that they have a top border

  • Update Ecuador and Ultima template to check for empty theme colour so they don't NPE

  • Do not secure primepush endpoints. This prevents invalidated sessions when pushing notifications.

  • Fix logo and footer alignment in Ecuador template

  • Remember tab selected in PF

  • Replace PrimeFaces 6.2 deprecated API usage


  • Introduce MetaDataQueryContentColumn in SmartClient

  • Use font icons in SmartClient header rendering

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