Skyve 20190312 released

Skyve 20190312 is now available in Nexus. This release adds the ability to automatically configure the correct database dialect security stanza from the dialect declared in the JSON, allowing different environments to use different databases. It also allows SAIL tests to run in a headless browser, e.g. for testing in a CI environment.


  • Allow bootstrap email to be be optional

  • Validate metadata in domain generation before removing generated directories

  • Add links to the job run for admin system default job emails

  • Guard against an async push rerender where the view is no longer current

  • Debug in ViewJSONManipulator with UtilImpl class

  • Add formatted constructor variants to Message class

  • Auto-configure security SQL based on the hibernate data store's dialect in JSON config


  • Sanitise selectedTabIndexBinding in SC rendering to handle compound bindings


  • Update <p:remoteCommand/> process attribute to @this in all PF pages

  • Add FacesView.action(String actionName) for convenience


  • Add headless mode for browsers in SAIL

  • Fix schema locations of SAIL scripts