Skyve 20180515 released

Skyve 20180515 is now available, this was another structural change which is hopefully the last for a while. Generated factories in src/generated/java are now no longer created reducing lines of code in the project. These have been replaced by the new DataBuilder() helper. FactoryExtension classes are now just Factories as well. This release also introduces Spring Security and no longer depends on Wildfly for authentication.


  • Spring Security with Legacy password encoding compatibility. bcrypt should be preferred
  • Add some extra security access checks to standard Faces implementation
  • Add remember-me authentication to login function
  • Fix the ajax busy indicator CSS for external and ultima faces themes
  • Add cache eviction options to DataMaintenance refresh functionality.


  • Improvements to SAIL web driver execution
  • Add SAIL tests to admin module for regression and performance testing
  • Unit test factories are no longer generated, DataBuilder is used as in in-place factory instead. FactoryExtension files are now redundant and a Factory should be defined instead.
  • Remove DataFactory interface. Now uses CORE.getUser() during SAIL generation and execution.
releasesBen Petito